Monday, February 27, 2012

More Sea World

Leah loved the sea lions! And in true form, sat right down to pose of a pic.
Leah looking way t0o big!
Leah got to meet Bert and Ernie - she loved it and blew them lots of kisses!
Not a great pic, but this is an attempt to document Caleb & Aaron riding rides all by themselves!

Other Sea World stories center around my kids growing up entirely too fast! We spent a good amount of time in the kid's play/ride area. There is a huge playground connected with rope tunnels, and it was all we could do to keep up with Aaron as as he fearlessly went all over that thing! I think meeting Jack Hanna made him feel extra brave that day b/c he then decided he wanted to ride rides he previously had always been too scared to try - and where he went, Caleb wanted to go too and did! Aaron and Caleb even rode the Shamu roller coaster together without me or Scott with them! Since when did my kids get big enough to ride without adult supervision??? And Leah, well she thought she was big stuff too - she insisted on walking through most of the park instead of contently riding in her stroller. And she was sure to let us know what an injustice it was for her brothers to get to ride rides that she is good 12 inches from meeting the height requirements to ride! We are thoroughly enjoying these outings as a family of five and look forward to many more adventures.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aaron Meets Jack Hanna!

Aaron might have just had the best day of his life. Each year we get season passes to Sea World, and we feel like we have already gotten a big return on our investment after today when Aaron got to meet Jack Hanna! This was the main goal of this outing, and Aaron had it all planned out. We knew what time the special show started, and Aaron wanted to be sure to get on the "very front row but not the row for if handicapped people need it in case someone in a wheelchair needs that seat." We started off at the Shamu because it started a bit before the nearby Jack Hanna show - Scott planned to leave early to go stand in line to get Aaron's requested front row. Well, Aaron decided to skip out on Shamu (whoa) too and wait by the gate for the Jack Hanna show like a true fan! They were successful in the first row quest and just one kid too late to get to hold the python on stage which Aaron assures us he would have done. The show was great, and we were very up close... In fact maybe a bit too close for my liking with the cheetah and tasty size Leah squirming around on us... The trainers were also good about letting the kids get a closer look of the animals after the show too. And after the show, we stood in line, forgoing other Sea World adventures, so that Aaron who never poses for pictures could get his pic taken with his favorite star. He even got a personally addressed, autographed photo! Aaron has been all grins all day long! I only wish Jack Hanna could of had 5 minutes to hear how much Aaron knows about animals - I mean, the kid knows EVERYTHING. Aaron would even nod his head in agreement/approval with Jack during the show when Jack would give animal facts - glad Aaron did not have to correct him like he often does us! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy Saturday Morning

Having ourselves a nice lazy, rainy Saturday morning. First Saturday in forever that we have absolutely no obligations/plans. Agenda for the day: Stay in PJ's as long as possible, cuddle with kids, movie at nap time, lots of play, and no cleaning the house no matter how messy it gets. Rainy days stuck inside also definitely call for a sheet tent in the living room - kids are loving it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day Wardrobe & Photo Shoot

Oh what fun to have a little girl to dress up for holidays! Leah had 3 Valentines outfits total - all hand-me-downs! Luckily we had plenty of outings this past week to make use out of all of them multiple times. I also couldn't resist a bit of a photo shoot with the kids. Love these 3! (and their daddy!)

Valentines Party Blitz

On Valentines Day I had the privilege of attending all three kids' parties at their schools (all within one hour!) First stop was Caleb and Leah's Children's Day Out. Caleb had asked me that morning in his sweet little 3 year old voice "mommy, you want to come to my pizza party at my school with me." How could I resist? I got to his class just time to sit with him during his lunch - he was one happy boy and kept insisting I take pictures of him eating his pizza. Luckily, he let me slip away from his party to go down the hall to Leah's just in time for cupcake time. Leah was very focused on all that sugar! Next, I took them home and thankfully my dad could sit with the little kids while I went up to Aaron's school for his party. He got to decorate cookies and play a color game with the message hearts - and the best part of him, getting to leave early with me. This is probably just the start of many years of 3 Valentines parties all in a row! My favorite part was in the car going home Caleb, (again in his sweet little voice which I am afraid is going to sound grown up not too long from now) said, "Mommy, thank you for coming to my Thanksgiving party!" He was a bit confused! He now asks if he can "have some of his Thanksgiving candy his friends gave him." Not sure if he is just pulling our leg now or what - still cute!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow! ... Kind of....

Just as we were loading up the car to head to the church this morning, it started sleeting pretty good. By the time we were on the road, big snow flakes were falling mixed with the sleet. The kids loved it! (I was also glad to we were already in the car when the snow hit b/c it would have been awfully hard to convince the kids to go to church instead of play in the snow). This was Leah's first time to see snow, and she definitely knew something out of the ordinary was happening. Caleb was also convinced this was his first snow (he was about 1 1/2 last time it snowed) so he kept saying, "my first snow! It's my first snow!" By the time we got the church it was back to mostly sleet so the kids opted so not to play in it. Fortunately, there was still some of the snow/ice mix on the ground when we got home for them to enjoy - Caleb I think had the most fun - he ran, ran and initiated a rather scary "ice ball" fight! This was a great Sunday morning to remember!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Breakfast with Big Brothers

One of our first big projects (aside from completely revamping our totally rock backyard) in our "new to us" house was replacing our kitchen counter tops. We had the counter designed to create a "bar" area where the boys could watch cartoons from the kitchen in the morning. We got the stools for the boys and thought we better go ahead and buy a matching one for the day Leah was big enough to think she also needed a seat at the bar. I was not prepared for that day to come so soon! :( Our little princess just pulled herself right on up and demanded some cereal just like her brothers! She sure think she is big stuff now! I had to document the moment with some pics - the boys were thrilled to have their photo taken first thing in the morning. Leah never minds having her pic taken. I will say while I am so so sad to have our baby girl (and last baby) growing up so so fast, it did feel quite complete seeing our three at the counter together. I think we have many mornings like this ahead of us!