Saturday, November 3, 2012

Enchanted Rock

We did it!  We hiked to the summit of Enchanted Rock with a 6 year old & 4 year old in tow! (Quite a change from our last visit over 8 years ago).  And go figure, it was the 4 year-old who reached the top first!  Aaron’s Cub Scout Pack had a hiking trip to Enchanted Rock this weekend -  Aaron was so excited.  This is right up his alley and it the morning was perfect - Beautiful fall morning with clear blue skies and big giant hunk of granite to hike.  We had a great time exploring.  Highlights for Aaron were finding a tadpole/baby frog pond and a big caterpillar.  Caleb really liked the way high hike and kept turning around and saying “What a view!”  J 

 Scott & I hadn't been here for about 8 years - now we have our 6 year old being our photographer.
 Even found a cave to explore!  I didn't have a flashlight with me but I should have known Aaron was sure to pack his headlight in his trusty exploring backpack!

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