Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Camo

 Happy 7th Birthday Aaron!
We celebrated Aaron’s 7th birthday this past weekend with a camo/campout themed party.  Special thanks to my parents for allowing all these 1st grade boys to roam their property.  Aaron planned a hike and gave his friends quite the tour through the woods.  Instead of a birthday cake, Aaron wanted to do smores – easiest birthday cake ever!  It was a great time.  Aaron also insisted on camping in the tent overnight despite the cold night.  Everything went quite smoothly with this outdoor party and it was a fun way to celebrate our nature-loving Aaron.

 Aunt Merydwen created the perfect custom designs.
 Smores cake!

 Nana pretty-ed up Leah's camo shirt with some old lace of her mothers - loved it!
 Had we known this would have turned out into such a happy family photo, we would have turned the other direction and gotten the woods in the background.  I like how happy all three kids are in this pic.
 Good looking group of boys
 Aaron even took his friends down into the "canyon" - he got brave for his party!

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