Monday, September 24, 2012

First Lost Tooth!

Aaron's Looses His First Tooth - September 23rd, 2012

Aaron officially lost his first tooth this past weekend.  Whew!  This is an accomplishment he has been waiting for!  It seems like many of his friends lost their first teeth in Kindergarten or over the summer, so he was super excited when he discovered his loose tooth earlier in the week (thanks to a caramel apple from Caleb).   Since the big discovery Aaron has been working that tooth – hands and fingers CONSTANTLY in his mouth. The whole thing really grossed me out – thinking about if it would come out when he was eating or worse, sleeping.  And turns out it WAS while he was sleeping.  He woke up Scott bright & early at 6:15am on Sunday morning with the news!  He was excited for the tooth fairy to come visit (a guise he never did believe in – once Santa fell back in kindergarten all other characters went down like dominoes…). He told me this morning that he was “glad the tooth fairy left him a dollar bill and NOT coins.”  Why?  “Well, you see, MUCH more comfortable to sleep on that THAN COINS!”  That kid.  
In fact, he has had a laughing with several things he has said lately, just true Aaron things.  When most kids see roadkill I imagine they say things like “Roadkill!!!  Dead Deer!  Gross!, etc.”  Aaron just calmly identifies the victim by saying, “Carcass.”  Another one was with his Captain Crunch Berries cereal – he got the end of the bag and there were no berries in his bowl.  “Hey, where’s my spheres?!?”  He is a great kid and growing up way too fast.  Lucky for us, he currently plans to attend the local university when he grows up so maybe he won’t be breaking this momma’s heart too soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Children's Day Out 2012

 First Day of Children's Day Out - September 3, 2012
Tis' the start of another Children’s Day Out year – both Caleb & Leah enjoy attending and this morning it was all we could do to hurry up & take pics and get them to their class!   Caleb is a Busy Bee this year – an accomplishment he has been waiting years to achieve ever since his big brother was a Busy Bee!  Leah is in the “Messy Monkeys” class which is probably quite fitting given she is in there with the two BFFs Hattie & Caroline- those 3 little amigos are so fun to watch together.  Official report from their teachers is that both Leah & Caleb has a great first day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Football Game

 First Family of Five Friday Football Game - August 31, 2012

We went to our first Tivy football game as a family of five last night.  Really it was a true first for four of us with only Scott having gone before – he was feeling his age being back at his old high school stadium with his wife & THREE kids while sitting next to the student section. J  Aaron had wanted to go to a game and we figured with the holiday weekend this was our only game to go to when we wouldn’t have to get up early for soccer the next morning. Thus we attempted the late game with the three kids – they did great!  Hard to say who had the most fun.  Caleb was of course very into the football game, clapping and cheering after most plays.  Leah dressed the part (thanks to a cute toddler cheerleader outfit borrowed from Aunt M), and cheered the part and danced the part.   The girl loved the band and would dance and laugh and clap along.  Aaron also really liked the game since our team was scoring so many touchdowns, but most of all he loved the band!  Particularly the tubas and the flutes.  In fact, during the halftime show he gave both me and Scott impromptu BIG hugs & a kiss and said “Thank you for bringing me here.”  It was a fun Texas style Friday night – we made our goal of making it to halftime then headed home with sleepy kids.  Our team was ahead at that point 27-0.  Fun night to remember!

 Our little cheerleader!

Leah was so cute - for the first 20 minutes or so she sat just like this, taking it all in with her daddy.