Saturday, July 28, 2012

Texas Mini-Tour

The kids and I hit the road this week for a Texas tour visiting friends. It was fast & furious and very few good pics to show from it, perhaps due to the busyness of watching & traveling with 3 kiddos on my own or more likely because we were too busy having fun with all of our friends to stop for pics.  We had a great time in Stephenville, Cleburne, Waco & China Spring.  It was so great to see you Crystal, Katie, Jennifer, Kelly & Great-Glenda - Thanks for a fun time!
Leah & Victory - they are exactly month apart - so fun to see them play together.
 Aaron loved craft time at Crystal's!
 And the boys loved having a water balloon fight there -  Aaron is showing off his ribs in this pic.
 Waco Zoo - a favorite for sure!

 Aaron loved his drawing at my Pa's old desk - very special.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

R.I.P. Sticker

Oh, what a week – we said goodbye to our first pet “Sticker the Fish.”  I was headed out the door to take Leah for an evening walk when Scott stopped us to look at Sticker who was not moving (nor floating).  We told the boys that it looked like Sticker was sick to prepare them for what we knew was coming. Aaron wanted to take him to the vet.  Instead we placed him in a separate bowl of water (away from Aaron’s fish “Fisher”) and called it the fish hospital where we would see how Sticker did overnight.  Aaron woke up early and asked me how Sticker was (he did not want to check for himself so I think he knew what the answer would be).  I just hugged him and said that Sticker didn’t make it.  Aaron, our animal lover who gets upset if a firefly dies, was very sad but more worried about Caleb since Sticker was Caleb’s fish.  So Aaron began drawing pictures of Sticker to have ready for Caleb when he woke up.  Aaron is even the one who broke the news to Caleb – As soon as Caleb started stirring in his bed, Aaron said “Caleb, I am sorry to tell you this but Sticker is dead.”  Caleb wanted to see for himself.  We had water burial.  Caleb seemed just fine with it all – it wasn’t until rest time I figured out why.  I was rocking with him and asked him if he was sad about Sticker and Caleb just said, “Well, Jesus was dead for 3 days.”  Ah.  Me: “So you think Sticker is going to come back in 3 days?”  Caleb:  “Yes!”  Then began a much tougher conversation that resulted Caleb understanding his fish would not be returning.  Instead after 3 days, we picked out our new fish at the pet store – “Tiger.”  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Missions Game

 Father's Day Gift 2012 - Missions Baseball Game

For Father’s Day this year, we repeated our gift of tickets to the San Antonio Missions Baseball Game.   It is a fun gift that lets the guys do a guy thing.  Leah stayed with my parents again this year since the game did not start until 7:00pm, putting us getting home close to midnight.  Unfortunately, we only made it through the first couple of innings this year due to a severe rain delay.  Those innings were enough for the boys to get there baseball fix though – they saw stolen bases, a home run, and lots of hits and runs scored – too bad it was for the opposing team! Our seats this year were very close and right behind the home plate net. I requested the net after being too close for comfort with all the line drive foul shots last year.  It was nice to watch the game without visions of my son’s cracked head or broken nose.  :)  Caleb was very into the game and could really pay attention to what was happening – the boy LOVES baseball.   All in all, it was a fun time and one we hope to repeat again next summer!

 The boys really enjoyed the bounce houses and slides too!
 And of course a snow-cone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Trip - Final Day

 Texas State Aquarium Observation Deck - great view of the ship & even some dolphins!

We visited the Texas State Aquarium on our very last morning of vacation.  We loaded up the car and made the 10 minute drive to the Aquarium with the Hazel’s.  It was nice to spend some extra time with the Hazel’s and also nice that they got the adults in free with their Membership pass, and we got the kids in half off with our San Antonio Zoo pass (good at tons of zoos & aquariums nationwide). We had not been to the Aquarium since Caleb was a newborn (memories of his projectile spit up all over the aquarium’s not very well thought out carpeted areas came rushing back to me…) and we looked forward to experiencing the aquarium with all three kids this time around.  The kids had a blast seeing all the animals – in fact, Aaron managed to impress an Aquarium worker with an apparently never before asked question about a Lion fish.  
 Caleb & Leah all ready for the dolphin show!
 I had to take this pic quick before the hand-holding moment passed!

 The boys loved being about to stick their heads up into this aquarium

 3 foot long gummie snake!  our souvenir purchase that Scott enjoyed dissecting for the kids to eat.

One new feature to the Aquarium was the addition of a splash park.  It was a perfect way to cool down and wear the kids out before our drive back home. You would think with all this activity the kids would have conked out on that 3+hour drive home, but our drive home was much like our drive there – only ONE person napped in the car and it wasn’t any of three kids or me. 
Leah LOVING the water - the girls has NO fear - the wetter the better!
 Silly boys - this was often followed by them needing to pull up their swim-trunks that their skinny bodies can't seem to keep on...

 Sure sign Leah is getting tired.....
 So very snugly & tired...
So tired, just take me to the car to I can sleep all the way home... Apparently this thumb session was enough rest for her because there was NO rest for her in the car - she opted to sing. She actually had us cracking up with her singing - she wouldn't sing much and then all of the sudden hit the high note at the end of every song quite loudly and off-key... she has a great future in a Baptist choir with that skill.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Trip Day 4

Day 4 was a fun day!  We spent the morning at a beach house the belonged to some friends of our friends. I somehow managed not to take any pics there so just envision a fabulous beach compound.  The kids had a blast playing on the DELUXE playscape and us grown-ups enjoyed walking their private LONG fishing pier.  We said good bye and THANK YOU to the Jones family after nap time and headed back to Hazel’s for one last stay. Since the kids had really not been able to get in the water all trip long, we went to Portland’s Aquatic Center.  This place was really perfect for our kids – splash area for the littles, a slide for the littles that Leah loved (the girl loves all things water!), slide for kids that could swim alone and large 4 foot pool which the boys jumped in & out of for a good hour.   

  Haley & Caleb on the kiddie slide

Highlights were 2 very big milestones that took place 1) Caleb would NOT have it that there was a slide he was not allowed to go on b/c he can’t swim without his floaties. In true Caleb fashion, he took off his floaties and proceeded to teach himself to swim.  I knew he was getting close the last few weeks but he just blossomed right before our eyes. I am pretty sure he would still drown if he was in deeper water but it was sufficient enough “swimming” for us to let him do the slide – he was quite proud!  2) Aaron surprised us all by saying he wanted to try the diving board for the first time.  He did so good!  He really did not hesitate much at all – walked right on out, made sure he was at the edge of the board and JUMPED!  It was 13ft deep and since Aaron is not that strong of swimmer Scott opted to meet him halfway just in case for that first jump.  Jumps 2 & 3 were all Aaron – he jumped, did a cannonball and swam to the side all by himself!!  We are super proud of him conquering this fear!  Special afternoon!
 Caleb swimming!  The boy who has spend the last several summers afraid of the water - yay Caleb!
 Aaron's first walk out on the diving board - it was quite springy.
 First jump!
Swimming to daddy - after that first jump he did it alone!  He loved it!