Monday, May 21, 2012

Splish Splash Leah's Birthday Bash!

 super cute custom printables thanks to Aunt Merydwen!
 My mother-in-law went all out with the decorations!  She did a great job!

 Cute cupcakes also thanks to my mother-in-law
 Finding party favors was super easy with this theme!

 Leah with her BFF Hattie  - cute girls!
 Leah with her other BFF Caroline.  Leah was so funny and quick to point to all of her friends' dirty faces and say "Mess!"  The girl loves to point out messes!
 Aaron was a double fisted cupcake eater. 

 Leah loved the water so much that have drying off, changing into her birthday dress and opening gifts, she jumped right back into the pool - she thought she was pretty funny!

We celebrated Leah’s 2nd birthday a week early this weekend since my sister and nieces were in town.  We went with a backyard splash party since May has already been so hot.  The kids had a blast!  Leah played hard the entire time and loved the water!  The weather was perfect and made for a great day!  Special thanks for Nana for hosting at her house.  Our backyard has a crazy slippery back porch so it was nice to have the party at their house and not have to worry about injuries – although the first aid kit did make its appearance multiple times at this party.  Also, with Caleb & Leah’s birthday so close together, it is hard to get the energy needed to host back-to-back parties!  Perhaps one day they will have a combo birthday party. Also, my talented sister-in-law created cute custom printables with this little pigtailed girl that was very cute and made the whole party theme come together!  It is very hard to believe our baby girl is turning 2 – but for now and the next 7 days she is still a 1 year-old so I won’t reflect on it too much today.