Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baseball Game

For Father's Day this year we got Scott and his dad tickets to the minor league baseball team in San Antonio - and this past weekend for finally used those tickets! Leah stayed behind with my parents since the game didn't start until late. The boys (and big boys) had a blast! Our seats were great and very close - we definitely had to be on the lookout for foul balls and apparently flying baseball bats. Caleb LOVES baseball and often talks about "his baseball team and that daddy will be his coach and mommy and grandparents canTH watch him." It was fun night complete with Aaron overcoming his fear of mascots - Santa, Shamu, Easter Bunny, you name it have always been "no thank you's!" but apparently it takes a "Puffy Taco" to win him over

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Milestone Week

First steps!

Climbing and having a seat after her first time to stand alone.

Test of good car seat - thumbsucking approved!

Big girl car seat!

The first week of August was a busy one for Leah in the milestone department. At 14 months I guess she decided that maybe she would try a few new tricks! Thankfully she waited until AFTER I returned from a 4 day trip to do so! So the week went about like this - Monday, August 1st she decided to stand alone without holding onto anything for the first time AND we were all there to see her - we even counted the seconds expecting her to fall quickly but she lasted for 30 seconds! Then just 2 days later while we were practicing her standing she took a step towards Scott! Again we were all there to see it and even ran can got the video camera in time to capture steps 2 - 7 of her life on camera! I was doing the video so the above still shot was taken by Aaron - he is quite proud of his photo work and we are quite proud of our baby girl! Oh - and we finally turned Leah around in her car seat AND got her out of her infant carrier - yes, she is so small that she was in her infant carrier for 14 months!