Thursday, April 28, 2011


Crazy cousins!

Caleb proud of himself.

Leah showing of her precious Easter basket and baby doll from Nana & Poppa.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was busy for sure! My sister & her family were in town for the weekend so it is always fun to get the close-in-age cousin together. We had a big egg hunt at my parents where 3 kids hunted for 68 eggs. And the next day, the boys got to hunt more eggs at their Poppa & Nana's. I think they have been on a sugar high for days!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"My Nemo Party"

We celebrated Caleb's 3rd birthday this weekend - he decided weeks ago that he wanted a "Nemo Party" so every day, every 10 minutes or so, we've been hearing about "my Nemo Party" over and over again. Three-year-old birthdays are always so fun to plan because they really start getting into the party and theme. We had all orange food, custom Nemo cookies thanks to super Nana, Nemo cupcakes and water bottle designs thanks to Aunt Merydwen, and lots more. We also had a bounce house, "find Nemo" fishing game, and bubble machine --- hard to say which part Caleb liked best. It was a super fun evening and so nice to celebrate our last baby boy! Caleb is the sweetest little boy with a sweet little voice. He is such a joy and bring lots of laughter to our lives. He loves to jump, loves all sports and is quite good at them, loves puzzles, dinosaurs and still most definitely loves to eat! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Photos

We attempted a family photo shoot this weekend and couldn't be happier with the results! These were taken at my grandparent's place near Waco - so very special to have a family portrait on the property that holds so many memories of my Pa who passed away last year. It was also very special to stay the night there as a family with my grandmother Glenda - it was so fun to see my children enjoying spending the night there like I did growing up, they had a blast! Okay - back to the pics... every year they have a bumper crop of bluebonnets (not so bumper of crop this year but it worked!) and I knew that this year I wanted to do a family portrait since we are now complete as a family of five. And it just so happened that my best friend from our Waco days is a fabulous photographer ( She did a fantastic job despite it being bedtime for the kids and some crazy wind earlier in the day. Thank you Jennifer! We are truly blessed ~