Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zoo Trip

She is just too cute!
The boy took their first ride on the zoo train! Special thanks to Cory & Evie for riding with them!

Uncle Cory making Caleb's day even better.

Leah thinking she is big stuff getting sit facing forward in the stroller.

This how we roll with three - Leah's first time to sit forward (instead of in the baby carrier) so she had a great time seeing the animals. Caleb and Aaron are both so skinny that they fit side by side!

Leah sucking her thumb while watching the elephants - she was too cute in her little giraffe outfit too.

Okapi! Aaron was thrilled to get a close up look at the okapi. And that backpack he is wearing is one he packed himself - complete with water bottle, snacks, and animal books to reference. He would sit on a bench and say "I think I need to take a break, I'm prepared ya know." and then proceed to pull out his water.

Having Cory & Evie there meant the boys got to feed the fish.

We had a fun family visit to the zoo last week - perfect springlike weather & Uncle Cory and Aunt Evie took the day off and were able to join us. we are having a great time at this stage of life as a family of five.