Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talking Caleb

Caleb has really gotten to where we can understand the things he says more & more - turns out he's a pretty funny kid. Just this morning while looking at a framed family maternity photo he said, "Look! I see Caleb! And Aaron and my daddy! And my mommy!" I then asked if who was in mommy's tummy in the picture and he thought about it and said, "An apple! and... a berry!" guess he thought there had to be more than just an apple in that large tummy. Also, on the way home from church this weekend he was proud to show us a picture of Jesus he had colored. He then said, "Jesus sad." We asked why Jesus was sad and he matter of factly told us "Um. He misses Joseph... and Mary ... and the angels."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Things

Mommy's little laundry helpers. Caleb refers to this has his boat and loves to take Leah for rides.

Tired baby & Daddy. Scott has worked really late hours for the past 6 weeks. So much so that one night when he got home before the kids' bedtime, the first thing Aaron said to him was "What are you doing here?!?" This pic was a morning with Scott being wiped out and Leah cuddling up with her daddy she had missed - she stuck her thumb in her mouth and was out and quite content to have daddy home.

Leah grinning about having enough hair for a real bow. She actually kept in her hair pretty good!

Submarine! Aaron turned out dining room into a submarine, complete with captain and co-captain seats. With cold weather several days in a row - this helped to entertain the boys. Caleb has really been catching onto pretend play.

Aaron "babysitting" Leah in the car. This was on a trip to Temple for Alayna's party.

Caleb insisted on having his pic taken too - such a cute boy and look at those fangs! :)

Yes, this a random post with random pictures. This blog is mainly for me to keep track of moments I want to remember years from now, so this all falls into that category... I plan to print the entire blog one day, and it can serve as my memory which has gotten worse and worse with each kid!

Puzzle Boy

Caleb has become obsessed with puzzles. We discovered Aaron was quite the impressive puzzle maker when he was just two, but didn't quite expect it from Caleb since he is way more into things like balls and bouncing and switching activities every 2 minutes like most 2 year olds. Recently, he discovered the puzzles we had in the house and would work so very hard at them. He was so good at at being patient and would work until he was done. In no time at all, he has become quite impressive in his own right and can easily do a 48 piece jumbo jigsaw puzzle without assistance. He's pretty proud of himself, and we are too!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub Three Kids in a Tub

Aaron deemed himseld baby-bath-time protector.
Leah rewarded him with a hug.

There was even some brotherly love.

And bit of tug-of-war... the teether won.

Not sure if this counts as a milestone or not, but recently I started bathing all three kids at once - such a time saver! Scott has been working late many many nights lately so bath time/bedtime has been somewhat of challenge at the end of long day. So one night when the boys were throwing a fit about it being bath time, I told them to get in the tub and there were be a surprise... Leah! She sure was proud of herself! I don't have any good pics of her by herself b/c she was so busy splashing and sticking all her brother's bath toys in her mouth. The boys thought the surprise was pretty great and it sure has made bathtime more pleasant for all of us.

Crib-time "Peek-a-boo"

This is how we find Leah after most naps. At eight months, she has very little interest in pulling up or standing holding onto things, but she has mastered pulling down her crib bumper pad to take a peek at who is coming to get her out of her crib. When the boys hear Leah wake up from a nap, there is usually a race to see who can get to her first and get the coveted first smile or squeal that playtime has arrived. She is always so happy to see her brothers and will play with them peeking through her bumper until I get to her room. She is such a fun & sweet baby!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girls Weekend

This past weekend was a very special girls weekend with my dear friends Crystal & Amy and their daughters, Victory & Marley. Crystal, Amy & I have been friends since college and as we talked about this weekend, "have prayed each other through a lot." It has been a while since we all got to just hang out with each other and it was soooooooo nice! Me & Leah weren't there more than 24 hours, but it was good for soul to be around old friends. Leah also did absolutely perfect on the 3 hours car ride - no trouble whatsoever. It was especially nice to have some one-on-one time with Leah - a very rare thing indeed. I think she enjoyed it too since she has not appreciated the idea of being put down since we got home. :) Oh - and accomplishment of the trip was Crystal teaching us how to make bows! I feel like I have had my own mommy milestone having finally made my daughter a bow!