Friday, October 29, 2010

First Camping Trip

After the fall into the river...
Happy Dance for the fish!

Aaron LOVED learning to fish with Papa. He even picked out the winning bait!

Caleb was a natural and could reel that line surprisingly well.

Leah hanging out with Grammy.

Aaron just had his first, overnight camping trip with Grammy & Papa. He was so excited waiting for the big day - he helped pack his bag, asked tons of questions and was on cloud nine when I dropped him off to go all by himself camping. I was nervous to have him gone (about an hour away) overnight - but I am pretty sure he didn't miss me at all. Caleb, Leah & I went out the next day as planned to bring him home and ended up staying most of the day so Aaron could show us everything he learned about camping. There was bird watching, smores, campfires, turkeys, and lots more. The highlight was in the afternoon down by the river. First, Aaron FELL into the river after slipping on some rocks. Fortunately, it wasn't too deep and it just resulted in soaking his clothes with COLD river water. He stripped and I headed to the car to see what I could find - don't know if it is a compliment or not that I could totally redress him head to toe (shoes & socks included) in the things that were scattered in the car... ??? hmmm... So while Aaron was down to undies watching Papa fish, the second big event happened and Papa caught a big fish! There was much scantly clothed dancing taking place by Aaron & Caleb (who had taken off his shoes & pants after seeing Aaron getting too... boys!). It was a mad rush to get to the camera and to put the newly found shorts from the car on Aaron so a decent pic could be taken. It was a nice day and probably the first of many camping trips to come.

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Field Trip

Aaron went on his first field trip last week with his preschool class to the Fire Station. It was so nice to be able to be experience it with him. He had a blast! It was a quite thorough trip -complete with trying on the equipment, spraying the hose, sitting in the truck and touring the station. So hard to believe that this time next year Aaron will be in Kindergarten!

Fall Sea World Trip

Look at that - a family of five picture!
Leah sucking her thumb during the dolphin show. :)

Content as can be watching the show with daddy.
Aaron enjoying the cherry frozen drink he slurped down like an addict!

We love going to Sea World in the fall and did just that this past weekend. This was Leah's first trip to Sea World - a perk of being the 3rd child, she visited Sea World much, much sooner than her big brothers did (Aaron was 1 1/2 for his first trip and Caleb on his first birthday). She was an absolute doll, no problem whatsoever and definitely the cutest little baby there. :) We had a great outing as a family of five. The weather was perfect and the crowd very manageable. They also had 2 special fall shows - Creepy Creatures and Sesame Street Count Special - perfect for the boys!

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Fun is exactly what we are having with our baby girl. Leah is now 4 1/2 months old - this is one of my favorite baby ages. She is just so happy all of the time and so very smiley. Oh - AND she sleeps for 12 solid hours at night! Plus she isn't crawling or anything yet so most of the time she is content to cuddle. She has been rolling over for several weeks now and can get around that way so we do have to be careful where we lay her down. I wish I could freeze time and make this stage last just a little longer - won't be long that she'll be in a highchair eating baby food, sitting up by herself, and so many other big girl things my last little baby shouldn't be ready to do yet! :) She is such a blessing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Leah looking cute out celebrating.

Aaron very excited about his goal and his BIG brownie.

Aaron scored his very first soccer goal this weekend! We are so very proud. He actually dribbled the ball across the field, past the other team and made a goal! He was super excited. He said that he just told the ball "Come on. You know where you're going. You're mine!!!" We have no idea where he came up with this but it seems to have worked. My dad was there and took some great pics and then realized he didn't have a memory card in the camera - so no official documentation of the event so the pics above are from our celebration dinner at Aaron's place of choice - Cici's. What a fun day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Months

Leah turned four months old this past week. Aaron insisted we celebrate & Nana was happy to provide us with some cute cupcakes for our little impromptu 4 month birthday party. The last 4 months have gone by way too fast! Leah has already been rolling over for a couple of weeks and that alone make her seem too big! She is the happiest and sweetest and cutest little girl - she has gotten really good at her thumb sucking which has led to nights of 11 - 12 of solid sleep (for her - if only we could teach the boys that trick...). She now weighs 12 pounds, 4 ounces (10 - 25%) and is 25 inches long (75%). Her latest favorite activity is watching her brothers play trains - she watches the train ride the rail like a cat watching a toy. So cute! (PS: yes, that is a vinal tablecloth in the pictures - guess my mom knew what she was doing all those years we had growing up with the ever present vinal tablecloth!) :)