Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soggy Beach Trip

We just got back from a beach trip with my family. We still had a great time despite the weather. After watching it rain forever and making the kids play on the balcony in the puddles, we finally just went to the beach in the rain & ridiculous wind. It actually made for perfect sand castle building weather since it was so damp and also made for some impressive waves. Leah enjoyed her trips down to the water too and we didn't have to worry about shade for her with the overcast sky. Oh - and we essentially had the entire beach to ourselves for miles. The storm surge and coastal flooding also made it fun for Aaron to find interesting things on the beach. Aaron loved everything about the beach. Caleb felt the same way about the water as he did last year - waves are scary! Leah went with flow and looked cute in her swimsuit. We did have one nice weather day and were sure to make the most of it! It was nice time with my family - especially before my little sister moves across the country this week. So much fun have all the cousins together!


When we moved to the new house, our old, rusty swingset didn't hold up too well. We researched what we wanted in a new swingset and never could find just the right one. Caleb being the jumper and dare devil that he is limited our choices greatly. I didn't want a set that I would have to hover around every time he went outside to play. Thus, my wonderful husband took it upon himself to just build the swingset the way we wanted. He did a great job and the boys LOVE it!

Sweet & Sassy

I finally downloaded some pics and will be attempting to update the blog. These are from Leah's baby dedication on Labor Day weekend. She was dressed up so very sweetly for the dedication in her precious pink dress. The boys looked handsome too and did a great job standing up at the front of the church. Caleb especially enjoyed seeing himself on the projector screen and kept saying "I see me!!!" I see Bubba!" etc. Leah was an angel and behaved perfectly too. Later that night she was changed into a more comfortable, sassy outfit and looked equally as cute as she did that morning. :) We are so very blessed with our little family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soccer Update

We are so proud of Aaron - he got right back into soccer and really enjoyed it this time. I was not able to be at this game, but he was so proud to tell me all about it and show me the pictures that Papa took. I like how he has a smile on his face even when the other team was pressing in - I asked what he thought about about it all and he said "it's pretty great."