Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I have so say this "boy mom" is getting quite use to the idea of a daughter - and so has her daddy. We look forward to Sunday mornings when we get to dress her up and accessorize her up! :) On our recent trip to SA, we shopped for a baby dedication dress for her - although she had outfits in her closet that probably would have sufficed. Scott was really cute going from store to store checking out the baby girl sections while I school shopped for the boys. Being our last baby and our only baby girl has the spoiling factor going in her favor already! We bought this precious little pink dress and I just had to dress her up in when we got home (oh - and to see if it fit - hence the tag). Never knew playing dress up could be so fun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Soccer Game

Caleb enjoying his sucker bribe to stay in the stroller the entire game.
Leah sporting her team color head band.
Aaron had his first soccer game this weekend. Scott also had his first game of coaching a bunch of 4-year-olds - made for a fun morning! Aaron enjoyed practicing and half-time break the best, and didn't particularly care for the other team and action of the game. He did great though and we think it was a great success just to have him on the field. Should be a fun season!

Our Little Thumbsucker

Leah looks to be turing into quite the little thumbsucker. She is way more interested in her thumb than the boys ever were and has been finding it more & more this past week. In fact, this morning she was "sleeping in" so I went to check on her and could hear her just smacking away. I like how is these pics & below video she has spit out her perfectly good paci and opted for her thumb instead. We'll see which of these she chooses in the long run...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Dino

Apparently I did not post enough dino pics for Aaron's taste. This is for him.

Dino Day

(Caleb & Uncle Cory taking a walk outside the museum buiding - thought it was sweet.)

We spent the entire day yesterday in San Antonio as a family of five. We literally left town at 8:30am and didn't get back until 8:30pm. We had quite a few different stops to make (shoe shopping for the boys, soccer supplies shopping for Aaron, getting the car fixed at the dealership, etc.) but the highlight was taking Aaron to see the dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum. We had been told it could be scary for small kids but Aaron just said, "It's okay - I know they are just robots." He had a blast! He is very knowledgeable in the dino arena so this was perfect for him. Caleb on the other hand, fell into the "scary for small kids" category. Luckily Uncle Cory was there for him to cling too. He really did enjoy himself (despite how the picture looks) and wanted to see all the dinosaurs and then was quick to tell them "bye dinosaur!" when it was time to leave. Leah enjoyed her first dino experience as well. It was a great day and all 3 kids did great!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Swimming Video

Aaron also thought we should share this video of him at swim lessons. It toook 4 1/2 years but he is starting to make some progress! He is quite proud of himself and hopefully by the end of the summer will be much improved. He also wanted everyone to see that he got to go golfing with daddy last weekend!

Nature Walk

This post is for Aaron who wanted to share some of the pics from our "nature walk" this morning - Our very HOT nature walk. We went for a walk and took pics of whatever "nature" could find (some of which was in the neighbors' yards - hopefully they didn't mind a snapping shots of their flowers, etc.) We had fun and in true Hill Country fashion even ran into a few deer along the way. Caleb liked his stroller ride and Leah didn't seem to mind hers either! :)

"I Love Leah" Song

First attempt at posting a video ... this is about all I got of Aaron's very long & very sweet song without Caleb grabbing at the camera ...

Little Sister

Had the camera out this morning (from the nature walk) so got a few pics of the boys with Leah. They constantly want to hold her and love on her. Leave it to Aaron to decide after a couple of pics that "wait! we need to decorate Leah for the pictures!" Thus he went and picked out her poofy, girlie hat. He's better at this baby girl thing than I am! :)