Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Pics

We have had a whirlwind couple of weeks with moving to the new house. Here a few random pics. The boys are sharing a room great in the new house and Caleb has adjusted pretty good to the trundle bed. The first night he opted to sleep on top of Aaron so we thought that was picture worthy. :) We also celebrated Scott's birthday in the midst of all the craziness - poor Scott barely even remembered it was his birthday he's been so busy. Aaron really wanted the family dinner at Nana's house to be a surprise party so the boys had fun hiding and "surprising" Scott. I only have one pic of the new house - been having some trouble downloading pics - we still have all the wires and computer stuff to figure out this week. All in all, we have made tons of progress with the unpacking and mainly have the dreaded garage left to do. The nursery is just about done and we hope to have pics this week BEFORE our little girl arrives on Friday morning - yes, Friday morning... THIS week. So that's our quick and scattered update. It's a busy baby week! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crazy Times

Sorry for the brief, no pic post but just wanted to say that we are officially moved into our new house (and fianlly have internet)! Hopefully, once things settle down (hah!) and we get a bit more unpacked, I will take time to download some pics. Thank you to all our wonderful friends & family who have been (and will be) such a HUGE HUGE HUGE help! So many boxes... so little time ... Baby girl comes a week from Friday!

Monday, May 3, 2010


This past weekend some dear friends threw me a small baby girl shower. It was such a nice morning filled with good friends & family. We got lots of super cute baby girl outfits. Opening them all made it all start to seem a bit real. We have been (and will continue) to be so busy lately that it was nice to stop and only think about baby for a morning. Thank you so much to my hostesses - Sally, Sarah, Jessica, Echo & Jennifer A. for outdoing yourself. We are truly blessed!

Sweet Dreams

Aaron in his bed and Caleb peacefully (and obediently) sleeping in his toddler crib in the corner.

Well after Caleb's wild & crazy night(s), we decided it would be wise to go ahead and start the transition of the boys sharing a room. We originally had planned to do this when we moved to the new house, but that process has continued to be delayed (we hope to close within a week) so we bit the bullet and did it last week. We opted to move Caleb's crib into Aaron room. We were amazed at how well they did the first night - they both went straight to bed and Caleb even continued to stay in his crib until I got him in the morning. Really, it has been a smooth transition. Last night was our first rough night with Caleb having a tummy ache and waking Aaron up with his crying. And tonight was the first night that they thought playing sounded like more fun than going straight to bed - of course, it would be on a night Scott is working late so I just let them play - below is what I found once it got quiet. Not too bad - just not quite right either ...