Friday, May 29, 2009

Déjà vu

What is it with this basket that makes my little guys think it is meant for them to climb in?

Aaron at 13 months.

Caleb at 13 months. Aaron must have given him the idea ...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Peschel Agent Aaron

So all you with little ones of the cartoon watching age probably know that there is a new cartoon on Playhouse Disney called "Special Agent Oso." Aaron has become obsessed with it and has spent the whole week playing "spies." He had a play date with Uncle Cory out at my parent's house/property and had a blast pretending to be invisible in Papa's camo cap and shirt.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shower Weekend

I had quite the busy weekend. After hosting a large backyard BBQ on Friday night as a thank you dinner to my MOPS leadership team (no pics b/c Caleb spiked a high fever during it so I was inside with him most of the time), my mother promptly picked me up at 5:55am the next morning for our tour of Texas. Our first stop was in Brenham for a wedding shower for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Evie. It was so nice to meet more of her family & friends and celebrate the upcoming wedding. We also had a nice time walking around downtown Brenham and an even nicer time visiting Bluebell headquarters where Evie's mother in a longtime employee and hooked us up with an ice cream treat! From there, we headed north to Temple to prepare for the baby shower we hosted on Sunday for my little sister Lindsey. Lindsey is having her first baby in July and it will be the 2nd little girl in the family. That's right, both my sisters are capable of having girls thus proving the long-time theory that it is the Peschel thing to only make boys! Scott also had a busy weekend watching the boys at home. This is a picture of Aaron falling asleep at the dinner table on Saturday night ... at 6:00pm. After some debate, Scott opted to go ahead and put him into bed fully expecting him to be awake by 4:00am. He ended up sleeping until 7:15am! This is was really great because Caleb was sick all weekend so Scott was able to focus on making him feel better and also get a little more rest himself. Today (Monday) is Scott's birthday. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband & daddy!

Mother's Day Cake

On Mother's Day, Aaron watched a Dora cartoon about making Mother's Day cake. Dora searched for the 3 ingredients to make the cake: bananas, chocolate and nuts. Of course, after the cartoon was over he was very excited with the idea that he should make me a Mother's Day cake just like Dora! So he searched for the ingredients and I couldn't resist his "request" to make me this special cake.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Graduate

We made a whirlwind trip to Lubbock this past weekend for my brother Cory's graduation from Texas Tech. It was a kid-free trip thanks to my in-laws which was definitely a blessing since we logged 10+ hours of car time in 32 hours. We had a good time. Despite staying at a questionable motel (Lubbock was booked by January), me and my sister both had the best sleep in a LONG while with no crying children to interrupt us. We are proud of Cory. He graduated with his Masters in Architecture. He is currently looking for a job in this horrible job market so if you have any leads, please let me know.
Cory and my future sister-in-law Evie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Surgery

Well, we had a first this morning with Caleb that is a first we have yet to experience with Aaron. His first surgery. He had tubes put in both ears due to a 4 month ear infection that refused to go away despite multiple rounds of heavy antibiotics. It is a very minor, very routine surgery, but they do it at the main hospital and knock him out so that part takes the "minor" feel out of this mommy's mind. Caleb did great! The procedure was super fast, and he was only away from us for about 15 - 20 minutes until we were able to go back and hold him until he woke up. We took the camera to document this "first." Scott was less than thrilled with the purple hospital gown! These pics are pre-op, post-op when he was still knocked out and so cuddly but very limp, and then he just woke up and smiled at us. They said most babies are very cranky with the drugs/waking up part but not my sweet Caleb. We praise God for His goodness for taking care of our baby boy ~

PS: How is this mommy doing you ask? I feel as though I did surprisingly well. Scott would tell you that the most emotional I got the whole morning is when we saw the anesthesiologist (from a distance) that messed up my c-section! I about had a panic attack.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay ladies - time to brag on my hubby. As an early Mother's Day gift, I went on our church's women's retreat at Alto Frio, which is a camp in a beautiful location about an hour away (awesome plus of living in the most beautiful part of Texas). For a solid 24 hours, Scott had the boys to himself, while I was able to relax, enjoy a great speaker, and my personal favorite - be around nature and reflect on my relationship with God. I came home to two alive children and an exhausted husband. Scott did a great job with the boys, and it sounds like they cooperated with him for the most part (aside from me forgetting to tell Scott where I had recently moved all the baby food and me having NO cell service ...). He got them bathed and to bed without a fuss and even took time to take a picture to prove it. He also had the camera ready for my reunion with my cuddle-bug Caleb. Caleb always gives me good reactions, even when I am just out for a little bit and come back into a room so we figured he would be extra excited to hug & kiss me after 24 hours. He did not disappoint. Enjoy! (PS: No pics of the Aaron reunion b/c he was napping when I got home - the boy has not taken a nap in ages but of course does it on the day daddy has him...)