Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deja Vu II

Here we go again. At least it was summer time when Caleb decided to climb into the fireplace vs. Aaron's very dirty experience. Caleb is almost 14 months old and refusing to walk or even stand by himself, but he has certainly mastered climbing. I spent most of the day yesterday keeping him out of the fireplace!

First Pool

So Caleb is almost 14 months old and he FINALLY had his first "real" pool experience. Last summer, he was so little that he just slept in his car seat carrier poolside thus this was his first big pool. The verdict? He really didn't care much for it all. Guess that's what I get for waiting so long. My plan was for him to use this baby boat thing in pools so that I could tend to Aaron, but turns out Caleb just wants to be held by mommy which I should of known since that's his preferred method of travel on dry land as well. Aaron still opts to hang out on the steps so this should all work out for now.

Do these work?

Just curious if anyone knows if these silly looking life jacket outfits actually work? Aaron wanted to wear this while he played in the sprinkler last night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ring Bearer

We were so honored that Cory & Evie asked Aaron to be their ring bearer - 11 months ago when they first got engaged. Since that time, Aaron's personality has become much more timid in a crowd and he has also learned to hate getting his picture taken - thus our concern over how this ring bearer thing would go began. For weeks, we have been talking, watching cartoons and reading all about weddings. 90% of the Aaron would say "I don't want to be the ring bearer. I want to be shy." The other 10% he would be every excited about it. At rehearsal, he absolutely would not do a thing. Saturday morning before the wedding, he wouldn't pose for pictures and then at wedding time ... well, let's just say the power of a good Thomas the Tank Engine bribe cannot be matched. He sat in the back with Aunt Kasey and when it was his turn to walk down the aisle, he carried his little pillow straight to me (at the front) and exchanged it for "Diesel 10". When it was time to walk back out, he did it without any complaints, except he carried his train instead of the ring pillow. All in all, we think he was very brave and did a great job!

Wedding Weekend

My baby brother got married this past weekend. The wedding was at the Winfield Inn in Kyle, Texas and just absolutely beautiful (minus the heat). Aaron even somewhat cooperated as ring bearer (more to come on that). Cory and Evie did such a great job planning and it was one of those weddings that makes you want to go back and re-do your own. We are so happy to Evie officially as part of our family.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"I Sad"

So Aaron was very upset with me over the injustice that is me making him come home from Nana's house. He stormed into the kitchen to announce to me that "I sad! I want to draw a sad face picture because I sad and mail it to Daddy so he will know that I sad!" So, I let him. I was completely surprised by not only his ability to express himself through drawing but that his sad face person is about on my level of drawing. The circle next to the the sad little boy is a big tear. Maybe I'm easily impressed or just don't know what level a 3-year-old should be at drawing-wise...

Water Baby

We've been spending a lot of time doing the backyard pool thing. Here are a few pics of my water baby - keeping his ears covered all summer long in going to be tricky!