Friday, July 5, 2013

Bad Blogger

Nothing like a 7 month break from blogging!  I confess, I am a very bad blogger.  But seeing as how this blog serves as my memory I do plan to resurrect it and possibly back date some posts so that I can print and have the written memories some day.  So here's to better blogging starting soon!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New pics!

Leah had a photo shoot this week but not the kind you hope for. She took a tumble on Sunday afternoon, landed hard on her shoulder, and by that night could not lift her arm.  More importantly, she couldn't suck her thumb!  It was quite pitiful to have her screaming in pain but not be able to soothe herself the way she has been for the 2 years of her life.   Apparently the left thumb is NOT the same as that well-loved right thumb.
We are quite blessed to live in a small town and have doctors and friends and medical family members that happily answer our questions on a Sunday evening.  Within the course of an hour, 1) our primary dr. referred us to the orthopedic dr. via me texting with his wife, 2) our orthopedic surgeon friend called & talked me through the pros & cons of taking her in the ER vs. waiting until morning, 3) my mom used her hospital pull to find out just how exactly busy the ER was that night, 4) and our wonderful pediatric radiologist Uncle Michael took more than one call from us! Leah did finally go to sleep so we waited until morning. 
Leah woke up and was very good natured but still refused to lift her arm.  She even attempted to feed herself oatmeal with her left hand (not the ideal breakfast choice by me!).  We headed to the doctor and by the time we were at the office she had perked up plenty and had started using her arm some.  She was still hesitant to lift it when Dr. Ryan examined her so off to x-ray we went.  She was quite tiny looking with the big equipment.  She listened and obeyed the whole time and kept saying “I get check-up!” 
The big diagnosis…. All clear!  No breaks just bruised & sore. Yay! So all that for some peace of mind. She does have quite the bruise coming in so we know her pain was legit.  We were hoping this might put a stop to her thumb sucking, and it did for a solid 24 hours.  But last night at bedtime she realized she could reach her mouth again much to her delight – she exclaimed in surprise, “I suck my thumb! I suck my thumb! HOORAY!  HOORAY!”  Yes, hooray.
So our first injury x-ray goes to our little princess Leah.  Our money was on Caleb.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blogger Issue Fix

I have been a bad blogger but have an excuse!  When I went to upload our Thanksgiving pics (in a very timely manner weeks ago) blogger told me I had maxed out my photo storage space.  I emailed a good friend for technical support (Thanks Jennifer!) and she was able to come up with this tip from another friend that was having the same issue.  So should you find youself in the same boat, here ya go - it worked!

"Had the same issues with uploading due to my photo storage being maxed out. So, what I did was added myself as an addition administrator using a different email address. I always signed into blogger with my aol email address, so I added my gmail address. I now log in and post with that email and now I have an entire new picasa web photo storage account!!!! I wasn't sure it would work, but it does! You have go under settings and under permissions you will see "blog authors". That is where you can add additional authors/administrators. Let me know if you have questions. Hopefully it works!"

Belated Thanksgiving Post (Blog tip to follow)

We had a great Thanksgiving and I haven't been able to post pics due to blogger issue that I will do a post about next.   It has been a beautiful fall here in the Hill Country so Thanksgiving morning we headed to the river to attempt a family photo shoot. 
 Love this one of Leah and Grammy.
 Aaron insisted on posing like this.
 Still trying to get all of us looking at the same time - photoshop was a must for the Christmas card (reveal of that later).
 Leah was the only one of my kids that would pose for individual shots - the girls loves the camera AND showing off her dress & boots!

Our fruit masterpiece that Scott & Aaron made Thanksgiving morning - they did great!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Camo

 Happy 7th Birthday Aaron!
We celebrated Aaron’s 7th birthday this past weekend with a camo/campout themed party.  Special thanks to my parents for allowing all these 1st grade boys to roam their property.  Aaron planned a hike and gave his friends quite the tour through the woods.  Instead of a birthday cake, Aaron wanted to do smores – easiest birthday cake ever!  It was a great time.  Aaron also insisted on camping in the tent overnight despite the cold night.  Everything went quite smoothly with this outdoor party and it was a fun way to celebrate our nature-loving Aaron.

 Aunt Merydwen created the perfect custom designs.
 Smores cake!

 Nana pretty-ed up Leah's camo shirt with some old lace of her mothers - loved it!
 Had we known this would have turned out into such a happy family photo, we would have turned the other direction and gotten the woods in the background.  I like how happy all three kids are in this pic.
 Good looking group of boys
 Aaron even took his friends down into the "canyon" - he got brave for his party!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Enchanted Rock

We did it!  We hiked to the summit of Enchanted Rock with a 6 year old & 4 year old in tow! (Quite a change from our last visit over 8 years ago).  And go figure, it was the 4 year-old who reached the top first!  Aaron’s Cub Scout Pack had a hiking trip to Enchanted Rock this weekend -  Aaron was so excited.  This is right up his alley and it the morning was perfect - Beautiful fall morning with clear blue skies and big giant hunk of granite to hike.  We had a great time exploring.  Highlights for Aaron were finding a tadpole/baby frog pond and a big caterpillar.  Caleb really liked the way high hike and kept turning around and saying “What a view!”  J 

 Scott & I hadn't been here for about 8 years - now we have our 6 year old being our photographer.
 Even found a cave to explore!  I didn't have a flashlight with me but I should have known Aaron was sure to pack his headlight in his trusty exploring backpack!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We had a fun Halloween.  Every year I think it will be the last time the kids coordinate their costumes, but this year they were all quite happy to go as superheroes.  Scott assures me that these particular superheroes do NOT all go together or even live on the same planet (or something along those lines), but I say superheroes are superheroes.   The kids had fun at Harvest Fest and even more fun trick or treating with the cousins.  Poor Leah spiked a fever at the end of the night, but we are glad it waited until most of the festivities were over.  Always a fun night and a fun kick-off to a great time of the year!  Bring on November – multiple birthdays, holidays, parades just to name a few things on our fun list for the month.